Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Year: 2017

Project team: Jacopo Costanzo 


Francesco Piantoni


As Malevich did with the work represented on the cover [Red House, 1932 Kazimir Malevich], our intervention aims at becoming integrated into an exceptional site like Mendoza, without camouflage.

The figurative references, ranging from Mexico to Portugal, from Barragan to Souto de Moura, have configured themselves in a typologically clear structure, almost peremptory. Underlining some of its lines to define itself in a landscape which, in our imagination, already belongs.

This way, an impluvium plant was obtained. A strong design, always listening to the surrounding landscape.
The upper floors include the use of loggias perimeter to meditate in front of the surrounding territory.

Finally, the lintel, to defy the Andes. Essential element threshold placed to establish, almost metaphysically, the change from endless places to the intimate welcome of house wine.

For the materials, we opted for concrete, by treating the surface through the use of wood formworks; wood in pergolas and portals, and also for the large lintel.