Drawings and sketches from the Morris Adjmi collection at Pratt Institute.

Organized and co-curated by war with Morris Adjmi and William Menking.

Location: New York

Year: 2017 (14 Sept_05 Oct)

The interest of Aldo Rossi for the city it’s both monumental and domestic.

He showed this relation between iconic buildings and intimate interiors within the urban context through sketches and studies of monuments, icons, architectures — the pieces that compose the city — and other drawings of living rooms, kitchens, private spaces, stages of the domestic environment.
While selecting the drawings, from the collection of Morris Adjmi, the curatorial team tried to reveal the ambivalent aspect of his investigation.
Unrealized projects, visions we could say, like the Isolato Urbano or the studio per Parigi are displayed all around the gallery together with drawings for the cemetery in Modena, the Palazzo in Fukuoka or the Scholastic headquarter in New York. All facing an astonishing watercolor, never showed before, that Rossi realized in 1986, more than 3 meters long, where he declared his deep passion for movies, turning a simple composition into a dramatic and surprising storyboard about the human actions in everyday life.