Two art installations at Garage, by Confórmi and Sbagliato


Location: Garage, Rome

Year: 2018

Curated by: Gabriele Corbo, Jacopo Costanzo, Flavia Giuliani, Valeria Guerrisi, Giulia Leone

Collaborators: Giulia Ines Bianchi, Dor Cohen, Angela Tanzola


Flavia Rossi©

The Warehouse of Architecture and Research continues its curatorial path aimed at engaging the territory, the cultural field, and institutions through and thanks to the promotion of young talents. By stimulating the debate about architectural science, WAR involves the community in the imagination of new spaces and possible places. Here the archetype, understood as a substantial essence, as an autonomous and absolute first model, is investigated and represented through the creation of two site-specific installations.

Davide Trabucco – CONFÓRMI’s reflection focuses on Rome and on the architectural archetype par excellence: the Pantheon. This monument, a timeless source of inspiration, constitutes a model that already contains all the possible pantheons, created and still to be realized: each subsequent and new reworking allows us to highlight and better understand its multiple strengths.

SBAGLIATO analyzes the concept of archetype taking free inspiration from the myth of Plato’s cave. By reproducing a “contemporary cave” in the exhibition spaces, the visitor enters a new dimension that, apparently alien, turns out to be an altered perception of the same reality.

All tomorrow’s Pantheon, Confòrmi – Flavia Rossi©

La caverna di Platone, Sbagliato – Flavia Rossi©