Viaggi alla ricerca di Aldo Rossi

Project team: G.Corbo, J. Costanzo, V. Guerrisi with V. Gatti, F. Giuliani, G. Leone

Collaborators: L. Giannone, M. Sicari, A. Tanzola

This exhibition forced us to synthesize, to crystallize, studies and researches carried out at the Warehouse of Architecture and Research during the first five years of its activity.
We felt the need to act within the architectural theory while communicating between the space of the Garages, Vittorio Gatti’s photographs, and once again with the lesson of the Maestri of postmodernism or metabolism architecture, always keeping Aldo Rossi’s work in mind.
Confronting each other and discussing with the photographer, we dwelt upon the action – almost a liturgy – of isolating, copying, repeating. We envied Gatti’s intuition, because he had found perfect words to express an approach that we definetily felt like ours.
Just like he had isolated, copied and repeated significant details, observed at first and then caught with his photographs, we did the same, but as architects.
That’s how the columns were born: isolated, copied, repeated and realized using paper tube. Those columns were somehow simbolically carrying the result of a difficult research path.
These noble architectural elements altered the perception of the garages, elevating them to a almost metaphysical space, where you can nevertheless still smell the kerosene. Connecting harmoniously with the columns portrayed by Gatti between Japan, United States and Italy, these elements were a dedication to Aldo Rossi – leading character of the show. Together with the garage shutters, the columns become an allegoric reinterpretation of a trypthic system of binary columns, a classic element of Rossi’s composition.
WHERE IS ALDO is the final remark of a five-year-long chapter for WAR’s project activity.