Proposal for the Curatorship of the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019


Location: Oslo, Norway

Year: 2019

Project team: Gabriele Corbo, Jacopo Costanzo, Valeria Guerrisi


Carlotta Franco, Giulia Leone, Valentino Danilo Matteis

Collaborators: Giulia Celano, Roxana Durdun, Eugenia Riffelli, Angela Tanzola


Accepting the challenge is a necessary step for every architect.

The Trojan Horse is a stratagem the Greeks used to finally break the walls of Troy. Our contemporary walls are of a political, social, even moral nature, dividing ethnicities, religions, politics, groups. A positive strategy that can inject and shake the foundations of these divisions is sorely needed. By overturning the usually negative aspect of the Trojan Horse we present the canonical metaphor of deception and betrayal as a vessel for a useful ambiguity: a way to find solutions with determination and courage, wit and expertise, a way to bring down the walls dividing positions, opinions, spaces, to combine them, to make them communicate.

In 2019, thirty years after the Berlin Wall, an artificial obstacle born out of post-war sentiments dividing a Capital City in two, we ask a new emerging generation of architects to narrate their challenges, their daily battles, their own epic fight against obstacles both global and local. The Wall, the architectural archetype of separation, should be then questioned, ridiculed, deceived, studied, and overcome in the end. The Horse is our vessel to collect ideas, strategies, solutions.

The challenge is accepted, the Architect acts.