IED, Interior Design – English course, 3rd year

Location: Rome

Year: 12 Oct 2021/ 15 Feb 2022

Project team: Gabriele Corbo, Jacopo Costanzo, Valeria Guerrisi

Collaborators: Eugenia Di Biase, Cristina Tascioni


This work contains a research on Egypt and its cultural and architectural cliches, all collected for design purposes.
The book produced by the students is aimed to serve for development purposes, for further investigation and design of the new Sekhmet exhibition in the Vatican Museums.

The book was shaped following peculiar methods dictated by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Colin Rowe, Kenneth Frampton.

The course is divided in two parts: the one curated by WAR is a preliminary research for the final thesis, and it’s structured in three parts. In the first place, students analyzed “strategies” to be adopted for the study and setting up of an exhibition. After this first step, they studied “places”, or rather examples of architecturally strong and carefully designed museums and displays. Finally, students identified “heroes”, or architects who revolutionized the way we design.