Mentioned proposal for “Amate l’architettura!”, a competition by “Ordine degli Architetti di Genova”. Provocative and ironic, the installation proposed for Villa Croce has a dual purpose: to spread the architectural culture of the present time to the widest possible audience and to critique how much the communication of the project has now become more important than the project itself, thus asking ourselves about the democratic dogma that risks a trashy and superficial drift


Location: Genova

Year: 2018

Project team: Gabriele Corbo, Jacopo Costanzo, Valeria Guerrisi 


Elisabetta Canepa

Collaborators: Loriano Giannone

Partners: Villa Croce, Giulio Boem, Armito Teatro

The intervention proposes four dioramas that reconstruct the same amount of architectural drawings: multi-material backdrops reproduce three-dimensional illustrations that conform to the graphic code of Instagram, using very synthetic and minimalist signs, pastel colors, flat backgrounds, elementary shapes, geometric patterns, details with a vintage charm; appropriate artifices enhance the perspective effects and the general atmosphere of fiction is amplified through removable scenic objects, with which it is possible to interact.

These Little Scientific Theaters have a dual soul: they are the spatialization of images within which contemporary architecture takes shape and they are the canvas on which an exact frame is projected, evident only when viewed from a specific position, thanks to the perceptive illusion of anamorphosis. It is evident how the image, immortalized from a precise point of view, will restore the illusory of perfection that reality instead complicates, breaks down.