Competition for the new middle school in San Piero di Bagno, Forlì – Cesena


Project team: G. Corbo, J. Costanzo, V. Guerrisi

Collaborators: G. I. Bianchi, D. Cohen, A. Papageorgiou, A. Tanzola



The project is born in dialogue with the urban core of San Piero, mending Martiri Square in an organic though not submissive way. The ground floor façade pays homage to the local sandstone while a new concrete structure covered with metal mesh stands upon the stone basement, emphasized by the cylindrical volume in the corner which hosts the library and the laboratories. The volume traces the lot, shrinking in correspondence with the sheltered entrance which invites the citizens to perceive the atrium as a public place. A massive staircase understood as an internal square, a classroom-staircase, a theater that connects the ground floor and the basement, guarantees a collegial atmosphere. The strategy develops coherently on the three levels above ground: a multifunctional and interactive part facing north and a south exposed area used for daily teaching activities. An outdoor playground on the rooftop is ideal for recreating but offers also a 360-degree view of the mountains all around.