Competition for pedestrianization and redevelopment of Piazzale del Verano, Rome


Project team: G. Corbo, J. Costanzo, V. Guerrisi

Collaborators: G. I. Bianchi, D. Cohen, A. Papageorgiou, A. Tanzola


The redevelopment of Piazzale del Verano proposes a new semantic for a space compromised by interfering and uncoordinated interventions. Although being unsettled, the square hides a lesson to be learned in its perimetral sequence of signs: the Column of San Lorenzo signaling the Basilica, a stage in the Giro delle Sette Chiese; Tiburtina road; the entrance to the Verano Cemetery; the smaller fabric of the marble workshops.

The design of the new square followed consequently. A new path connects to San Lorenzo district and, at the same time, developing a wider connection, real and metaphorical, with the other six churches included in the pilgrimage.

With the aim of redefining the pedestrian character of the area, it is suggested, along the congested Via Tiburtina, the positioning of a tripartite linear architecture, which can naively act as an ordering element, the only built event.