Project presented at The New Energetic Landscape during the Fuorisalone 2019. Five young Italian firms, inspired by the exhibition of Italian radical avant-Gardes at MOMA in 1972, challenge five different types of energy to revolutionize the Bovisa district in Milan


Location: Milan

Year: 2019

Project team: Gabriele Corbo, Jacopo Costanzo, Valeria Guerrisi


False Mirror Office


Gruppo Torto

UNO8A + caarpa

Collaborators: Giulia Ines Bianchi, Dor Cohen, Anna Papageorgiou, Angela Tanzola


It seems that John Hejduk has realized it while scouring Bovisa, proposing a cemetery of angels as a new architectural and semantic landmark.

Today Milan would not care about this infrastructure but would rather convert it into something that would generate profits. “Sense is boring” would declare the Mayor, and the experts would nod altogether.

That’s why we welcomed the new industrious and glittered vocation of Milan.

The cemetery of angels has been transformed into an accumulator of kinetic energy for the global city of Milan, the first in Europe to preserve the energy produced by the petty bourgeois, designed by WAR as an homage to progress and, even before that, as a tribute to John Hejduk, an intellectual architect.

Do not read this project as sarcastic, but as an attempt, even though questionable, of reading the present and the near future.