La Statua e il Ninfeo – Call for Images and exhibition. Organized by CAARPA and set up in Palazzo Nocolosio Lomellino


Location: Genova

Year: 2019

Project team: Gabriele Corbo, Jacopo Costanzo, Valeria Guerrisi

Collaborators: Paula Chung, Dor Cohen, Anna Papageorgiou, Angela Tanzola


The result is not enough, it is often insufficient to convey the complexity of things. It would be equivalent to reducing Phaeton’s failure to a foolish whim, a vain rebellion. Yet in the Bibliotheca Historica, the universal history of Diodorus Siculus, to the dramatic fall of Elio’s son is attributed the creation of the Milky Way. A gash in the sky, a fire of stars, a magnificent change of perspective on things.

We will remain more realistic, at times disillusioned. In Twin Pixels, Phaeton, brought back into the fire of the composition conceived by Parodi, is one step away from the crash. His body is shaped by a QR code, which in the next nine days will refer to a timely and random search on the subject of failure – or alleged failure – in the world of architectural design.

Olivia Borgogno ©

Olivia Borgogno ©

Giulia Rosatelli ©