A drawing, a text. Then, a space. Invited participation to Viceversa – Issue n. 8, Thehorem: Discourses, curated by Giacomo Pala


Location: Rome

Year: 2019

Project team: Gabriele Corbo, Jacopo Costanzo, Valeria Guerrisi

Collaborators: Ludovica Marcacci Balestrazzi, Loriano Giannone, Anna Papageorgiou, Angela Tanzola


“The modern exists and it’s important, even if someone has forgotten it. […] Indeed, such is the responsibility that designers should have of things that are still standing, that I would everyone to sign. That is, all things in Rome should be signed with the author’s name and surname. If there was a name on them, maybe there would be a different circle, a virtuous one perhaps, that would force architects to design with a greater sense of responsibility. It’s a matter of quality and culture of the designers, everything else matters very little. I almost do not see the distance between the history and the project: when you make history in a certain way and when you build is the same operation, you work with the most architectural material, as long as you have a minimum of cultural depth”.

Giorgio Muratore, Tutte le cose di Roma andrebbero firmate con nome e cognome dell’autore. In: Osservatorio sul moderno a Roma, Il Moderno e Roma, Palombi Editori, 1997

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Flavia Rossi ©

Flavia Rossi ©